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Thank you for posting your words of enco

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Thank you for posting your words of encouragement Kathy David​.
Comment submitted by Wm Kai Peetoom​ – “Sometimes the distractions of opportunities and life lead us down a road or different path than what we originally intended. Then we find ourselves lost and confused, scratching our head thinking, “how the did I get here?”.

Ever get in a vehicle with someone and dislike the way they drive, the route they choose or even the conversation or music chosen to engage while onward towards the destination. All these factors can be related to our adventurous journey of life. By taking the wheel and control of navigating to the destination, I find peace of mind and comfort, supporting my highest best good in pursuit of my personal life mission.

Drive your life at your own comfort level to pace yourself and travel to your destination with your best interest in mind. Be sure check in with your maintenance log and have roadside assistance set up in the event of an emergency. Having your pit crew ready and available at all times is necessary for any unexpected circumstances that may arise. Allow for your vehicle to run with optimal performance, making minor adjustments where needed can make a difference.”


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